Aryawarta Packers And Movers

Aryawarta Packers Movers

Aryawarta Packers and Movers are the most trained and skilled professionals to offer the best packing and moving services to all over India and neighbouring countries. We are the group of experienced packers and movers and we are always success to provide the safest transporting services because we follow some sort of steps systematically during the relocation process. We provide all types of packing and shifting services such as:-

  •   Office Relocation
  •  Vehicle transportation
  •  Residence Relocation
  •  Warehouse Relocation
  •  Packing Unpacking Service
  •  Insurance Service on goods during relocation process
  •  Goods packing and moving services
  •  Storage and Warehousing Services
  •  Home relocation, office relocation, goods packaging etc.

These are some basic steps we follow to make the assignment successful:-

  •  Sort things by category: Our staffs are trained enough to recognize the nature of different goods and so we are very much capable of categorizing the different items in fragile or non-fragile, light or heavy items etc. This technique helps us very much to protect the fragile items among other hard and heavy goods.
  •  Label the boxes by category and by room: We mention the brief summary of goods on the packed boxes, for example, Books, Library and Books, Bedroom items, fragile goods etc. that help us to speed up the loading and unloading process.
  •  Numbering the boxes: When we do labelling of the various boxes, we put the specific number for proper count of the boxes.
  •  Use small boxes for heavy items: When we pack heavy items, we make small boxes so that the weight could maintain less than 25 KG each box.
  •  Use packing tape: We use proper packing tape to protect the items in boxes properly.
  •  Protect fragile items: We use proper packing materials as bubble wrap, packing paper or blankets.
  •  Pack dishes vertically: If there are dishes to pack and move to other places, we pack them vertically in the boxes with sufficient protection.
  •  Load heavy furniture and machinery items earlier into the moving truck: We put the heavier items earlier to the lighter one. This way, all the items are very much safe during the relocation process.